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Portable Temporary
Fence Panels

Portable Temporary Fence Panels and Temporary Fencing

Our Temp Fence Panels
offer excellent return on investment
for fencing rental, construction and event control applications.

Temp fence panels for rental, construction and crowd control fence

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Snag free design reduces damage to panels.
Heavy duty welds for long life

ences4less temporary fencing is constructed using a rugged, heavy duty welded 1 5/8" .069" frame with a 1 3/8" .069" vertical and horizontal cross. Each panel section is then laced with a 12.5 AWG wire, so the chain link fabric is completely surrounded by the frame, virtually eliminating snags and reducing damage to panels.
This product is designed for the temp fence rental industry, construction site security fence, special events / crowd control fencing, and any other application where free standing portable temporary fencing is required. This fencing product is available in 6' High by 9½, 10 and 12 foot lengths. We have pricing for individual panels, or you can save by buying a full shipping container.